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29 patients with coronavirus discharged from hospital

29 patients with coronavirus discharged from hospital

29 patients with coronavirus were discharged from a hospital in Northern Cyprus.

Health Minister Ali Pilly told BRT about efforts and recent data in fight against coronavirus.

Currently, 11 people are undergoing treatment for coronavirus in the hospital. Health Minister Pilly said that among the diseased. 8 were citizens of TRNC, 1 citizen of Turkmenistan, and 2 German tourists.

Health Minister Pilly said that to date, 29 people have been discharged from the hospital. All of them are German tourists.

Ali Pilly said that the last 20 people who have been tested are in separate rooms of the hotel, in accordance with the requirements of the World Health Organization. And that testing will continue, and the results will be released.

Pilly stressed that they have been working continuously since December 2019. He also said that people who arrived from abroad and were in home quarantine were called and checked one after another by the general condition.

New Coronavirus Control Measures in Northern Cyprus

Health Minister Pilly said: “This fight is the struggle of the whole society. Everyone has their own task. If we want to keep the epidemic at this level, then everyone must contribute. The Ministry of Health, medical workers, police, civil defense are doing their job. I express my gratitude to everyone. ”

Pilly separately noted a businessman who, in a private jet, delivered the drugs necessary for fighting the epidemic from Ankara. Businessmen who donated and purchased testers to determine the virus. Turkey, which sent ships with various goods to the port of Kyrenia.

Health Minister Pilly said that this week they will complete a tender for the purchase of 30 ventilators. The first batch of 10 units and 10 compressors will arrive this week.

Explaining that a new stage of preparation has begun, a specialized clinic is opened. Minister Pilly said that patients with high fever will be sent to this clinic and will be examined here using newly arrived kits for the rapid determination of coronavirus.

Also, Minister Ali Pilly said that 10 separate groups will be created that will begin to check those who are in home quarantine. All suspicious homes will be fully verified.

Municipalities and district police departments will report any suspicious situations to the Ministry of Health. Health Minister Pilly also asked citizens to stay in their homes.

Mr. Ali Pilly said, “Stay home so that we can stop the epidemic as soon as possible.”

Source: Gğndem Kıbrıs (translated by Julia Ozece)

Friends, we support the decision of our Government! For the sake of our health, we will observe a partial curfew. See what happens in Italy and Spain. See what goes Turkey and South Cyprus. Take care of yourself!

Coronavirus in Northern Cyprus: See the mode of operation of the Veles Property quarantine offices here.

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