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Passage closed between TRNC districts from 00:00 AM 06/04/2020

Closed passage between the districts of TRNC. The entry and exit to the areas of Lapta, Alsancak and Karshiyaka are controlled by the TRNC police. As part of its efforts to combat coronavirus, the government continues to make new decisions.

By a decision made today, the Cabinet announced a curfew for five days, starting at midnight on April 6, and imposed a ban on movement between the districts. In addition, it was decided to introduce police control at the entrance and exit to the areas of Lapta, Karsiyaka and Alsancak.

Partial curfew order:

The Cabinet of Ministers of TRNC, using the authority granted to it by Section 2 of Chapter 156 of the Curfew Act, to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection, due to the expiration of the Curfew Regulation No. 48, published in the Official Gazette on 03/27/2020 year, using the rule of exceptional circumstances, announced the introduction of a ban on travel between areas from 00:00 in the morning of April 6, 2020 to April 10, 2020 for a period of 5 days.

Clause 1 Private sector employees and government officials (police, fire brigade, municipality, civil defense, district governors, etc.) who are allowed to work to meet the basic needs of the population in the framework of the measures to combat coronavirus infection adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers, exempted from the partial curfew. A partial curfew applies to all individuals, with the exception of the above.

Clause 2 Persons who are not included in Clause 1, may go outside to purchase goods and services in district state and private institutions, whose activities are permitted in accordance with Clause 1, located closest to their place of residence, and return to place of residence after meeting the necessary needs. In addition to these purposes, access to the street is prohibited.

Clause 3 A partial curfew also applies in the Lapta, Karsiyaka and Alsancak districts, but the entry and exit to these areas will be under police control.

Clause 4 In respect of persons who violated the rules of partial curfew, criminal prosecution will be initiated under the current legislation.

Source: Cypriot Newspaper (translated by Julia Ozerce)

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