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North Сyprus


There is no doubt that everyone wants to visit Cyprus at least once in his life and see with his own eyes the gifts of this unique island. North Cyprus is unique in everything – in geographical location, history, climate, beautiful beaches, legends …

Karpas Peninsula
Bellapais Abbey


The history of Cyprus consists of many milestones, a detailed account of which will follow. The island began to populate in the Neolithic period, which marked the beginning of life in Cyprus …

National cuisine

The cuisine of North Cyprus will impress you with its variety and sophistication. It is significantly different from ours, we advise you to try everything, but little by little, the calorie content of dishes is very high. Cheese is an indispensable product of local cuisine …

Grilled Sea Bass
English School of Kyrenia


The education system in Northern Cyprus is very different from that familiar to citizens of the CIS countries. If our school has general education, then after the 8th grade there is a distribution in 2 directions, this is technical and humanitarian …


Medical facilities in Northern Cyprus comply with the European standard. The latest technology and surgical methods are standard: heart bypass surgery and kidney transplants are performed …

Kolan British Hospital

Your home in Northern Cyprus!

There is a place on the planet where you can walk alone in the evening, where no school bullying, where even the most elite restaurant is accessible to the simplest resident, where the drivers respect the pedestrians, where the neighbours are happy to call you for lunch and cook kebab together, where children are fluent in three or four languages, where summer is all year round, where you have COMFORTABLE PLACE FOR LIVE at any income level and social status.

This place is North Cyprus. And you can also move here.

You can start to live and enjoy North Cyprus RIGHT NOW!

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