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North Cyprus beaches

North Cyprus beaches

The beaches of North Cyprus is, firstly, a great opportunity to escape from everyday life. Secondly, these are picturesque bays and beautiful wide bays. Thirdly, these are historic harbors and wild beaches. You can swim on isolated stretches of sandy coast of Karpas. You can go scuba diving or free diving. According to legend, Julius Caesar presented the island to Cleopatra as symbol of his love. Of course, this is not surprising!

World famous Golden Beach

Along the east coast, on the edge of Karpas Peninsula, is Bogaz. It is sleepy fishing village in completely calm environment. From here you can easily get to Karpas. And here are most deserted sandy shores of island. The most famous beach is the Golden Beach. Undoubtedly it is one of the most beautiful and longest sandy beaches in world. The length of the Golden Beach is about 3 kilometers. The coast is surrounded by magnificent dunes. And that is why, among them, sea turtles make their masonry.

The second most beautiful and popular is Alagadi tortoise beach. The beach is located in Kyrenia area. He is called turtle because it is main place for turtle masonry. The water here is so clean that turtles arrange nests for laying eggs in sand throughout the summer. Due to respect for wildlife and risk of damage to clumsy animals, beach closes at 20.00 and opens only at 08.00 in the morning.

Kyrenia has a large number of small sandy beaches.

  • Diana Beach;
  • Esentepe Beach
  • Lara Beach;
  • Escape Beach;
  • Camelot Beach;
  • Denizkizi Beach;
  • Shayna Beach;
  • Yavuz Chikarma Beach;
  • Acapulco Beach;
  • Karaoglanoglu Beach;
  • Sunset Beach and others.

Tourists love beaches of North Cyprus. It is worth noting that of all above beaches, Diana is artificially created. Therefore, here coastal sand passes into rocky seabed. The most crowded days on any beach are weekends. On weekdays, visitors are much less.

Visiting Northern Cyprus, many tourists head to Escape Beach. Of course, this recreation area is rich in marine entertainment, catering. Also offers vacationers diving courses.

A little further, to village of Lapta, is Camelot Beach. Behind him, Denizkizi was comfortably housed. The beach is famous for active sports (windsurfing, water skiing, etc.) for visitors of any age.

In addition to listed recreation areas of the TRNC, it is worth noting beaches of Sunset and Acapulco. On territory of Acapulco beach is hotel of same name. For lovers of swimming in any weather, there are outdoor pools. In addition, inflatable slides, mini-pools, water parks and an ice cream parlor are equipped for children on many beaches in Northern Cyprus.

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