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Karpas curfew extended for 7 days

Karpas curfew extended for 7 days

The curfew in Karpas, which entered into force on March 27, has been extended for another 7 days.

“The Cabinet of Ministers of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, using the authority granted to it by Section 2 of Chapter 156 of the Curfew Act, to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection. To ensure more efficient work on the general virus scan initiated in the following villages after the expiration of the Regulation curfew, which was published in the “Official Gazette” dated 03.3.2020 under number 51, subject to exceptional circumstances provided for in the Regulations, announcing The curfew is being extended for another 7 days starting at 2:00 p.m. on April 03, 2020.

1- Ziyamet, Yesilkoy, Balalan, Adacai, Sipahi, Eniniyerenkoy, Dipkarpaz, Gelinjik, Derinje, Boltasli, Taslidzha, Avtepe, Kuruova, Kaleburnu, Esenkoy.

2- In respect of persons who do not observe curfew in Karpas, in accordance with applicable law, administrative measures will be taken.

NOTE: Penalty in the form of 1 year of imprisonment or a fine of 10% of the minimum wage (382 TL) is provided for violation of curfew conditions.

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