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Coronavirus in Northern Cyprus. The work of Veles offices during quarantine period until 10/04/2020

Dear friends ????

Coronavirus in Northern Cyprus. Due to current situation with COVID-19????. In connection with adopted resolution. We are forced to suspend work of all Veles ???? offices until 04.10.2020
If you have scheduled appointments with any of our employees. Please contact and arrange for a later date????.

Also, for our clients, whose documents are “pending at moment in the Ministry of Internal Affairs”, the Land District office and other bodies. If you are awaiting decision on any of your issues from government agencies during the period of March-August. We warn that all government agencies are closed until 10.04. Accordingly, period for receiving answers from them is extended by at least 30 working days➡️.

For our customers who are now on island and do not know what to do with their residence permit. Please turn your request to our manager Diana +905338260449. She will answer all your questions. Write message.

Also, for all those to whom issue of obtaining visa is relevant???? to Schengen zones, USA, UK, UAE, etc. You can contact our manager Irina +905338333398. She is also available on WhatsApp.

For questions related to sale of ???? your property ???? or purchase of a home ???? or documents connected to properties ???? please contact +905338520549 or +905338569449. Available on WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram.

As for rent ???? short-term and long-term. If you have questions, please contact your manager. +905338403183 Philipp, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram.

For all our partners and agents. We are in touch 24/7????️. Therefore, you can contact us at +905338569449 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram) ????.

Dear friends????‍????‍????‍????, take care of yourself and your loved ones???? and we hope that this will all end soon! Together, we will defeat coronavirus in Northern Cyprus!

Yours faithfully,

Julia Ozerce, Director of Veles, tel: +90 533 8400449

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