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  • 30-06-2022
  • Year Built


STUDIO IN A HOUSE WITH A NEW DESIGN with Veles Property. The main thing that makes the complex especially attractive is its location. The area in which this complex is being built is the most promising and attractive, in terms of investment, zone in Famagusta. Moreover, we took care of our customers and bought out several apartments. Now you have the opportunity to become the owner of an apartment at a price lower than that of the developer.


Shops, restaurants, entertainment centers within walking distance
only 5 minutes to the shopping center “CityMall”
just 15 minutes to the beach
and 10 minutes to EMU
also 10 minutes to the Old Town of Famagusta and the port
5 minutes to the ‘Mağusa Yaşam Hastane’ hospital.


First of all, Famagusta is located on the east coast of Northern Cyprus, surrounded by one of the deepest harbors on the island. Beyond this, an amphitheater, exquisite mosaics, traditional baths, and royal tombs are just a few of the Roman ruins found in this historic area. Moreover, the city is especially famous for its well-preserved medieval architecture: the well-preserved monastery of St. Barnabas, built in honor of the patron saint of Cyprus. Not only that, the Venetian palace, which was converted into a prison after it was destroyed in 1571, and the Othello tower, a citadel overlooking the harbor with a fabulous 14th-century Gothic hall.

In addition, Famagusta is also the very first and largest university in Cyprus. In addition, the Eastern Mediterranean University has a large area, and is located on the popular central road “Salamis Road” filled with restaurants, shops, popular youth cafes. Undoubtedly, students from more than 70 countries of the world study at the Eastern Mediterranean University.

In addition, many now see in the real estate of Famagusta an excellent investment opportunity, a means to increase finances: a significant increase in capital is expected over the next few years. In addition, the growing demand for rental apartments in Famagusta and the annual rental income, which reaches 5-10% per annum, is also one of the reasons for the growing demand for urban real estate.

Exclusive design

So, each apartment of this unusual tower provides its residents with space and a lot of light, which comes through large panoramic windows, and spacious terraces have been created for comfort. In addition, the windows of the apartments were created curved, thus repeating the rounded shape of the building.

Due to its location at the entrance to the city and an exclusive architectural solution that dominates the appearance of the main buildings of the city of Famagusta, the project has the right to be called the new symbol of the city.

Description of the project

Undoubtedly modern, meeting the standards of modern construction, the complex consists of 14 floors and 155 apartments. So from the 1st to the 5th floors there are studios. As a result, the residential apartments offer beautiful views of the city. Moreover, the apartments have partially covered balconies. In addition, the quality of construction and finishing of the luxury complex.

The completion date of the project is June 2022.

general characteristics
the courtyard and common space will be completed and landscaped
overground parking (1 parking space for each apartment)
2 elevators
Central garbage chute
All apartments with open-type balconies or partially covered
City and seascape view
Complex management

Undoubtedly, to maintain the functionality, cleanliness and attractiveness of the complex, a prerequisite is the maintenance of the building and the surrounding area. Of course, the maintenance of the complex is provided by the management company.

The service includes:

Cleaning and maintenance of corridors and public areas;
Unimpeded functioning of elevators and other services;
The monthly cost of the service is £ 20
Renting out apartments

Another detail why a studio in a house with a new design is more interesting is a new, European trend in service. Firstly, the buyer of the apartment is automatically included in the business. Secondly, any apartment owner has the opportunity to rent out his apartment. And for your greater comfort, the administration will be performed by the management company. Thirdly, the management company also offers the owners furniture, appliances and full equipment of the apartments – in accordance with the average, comfortable or premium standards to choose from.


Of course, your studio in a house with a new design can be rented out for a long time, from half a year to several years. Moreover, you will not have to look for tenants for a long time – despite the large-scale development, rent in the city is in high demand. In addition, it is worth remembering the fact that Famagusta is a developed educational center, where the state and largest university in North Cyprus operates with over 20,000 students. Of course, students, teachers and staff from around the world prefer to stay in rented apartments with a good location and modern amenities.

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