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Investment Tour to Northern Cyprus with Veles

It’s better to see once than to hear a hundred times!

Northern Cyprus is a wonderful place for both vacation and permanent residence, with a clean climate, amazing ecology, British education system, and low crime rate.

The investment tour is designed for three days on average and includes several stages:

  1. Arrival organization: booking tickets, airport pickup, airport transfer, accommodation (hotel or apartments), assistance with all practical matters.
  2. Identification of desired property characteristics and viewings: personalized daily program, tours to various regions of Northern Cyprus with an overview of real estate and infrastructure (schools, universities, beaches, etc., based on your interests), consultations with leading developers, analytical calculations of payments and investment attractiveness of properties with your manager.
  3. Consultations with lawyers and experts on residency permits and other adaptation issues. Thorough document verification and preparation, initial payment.

Moreover, during this time, our clients not only make final decisions but also get acquainted with the beauty of the island, local cuisine, and life, experience the charms of beach relaxation, and the island’s atmosphere.

North Cyprus Investment Tour with Veles for free
Investment Tour include viewings in all regions

*Airport Transfer: Not only do we assist in organizing your trip, but we also arrange airport pickup. At the airport, a manager from our company will greet you and comfortably transport you to your hotel or apartment, where you can relax and recharge before the busy program begins.

*Three-day Program: As practice shows, to see everything, choose property that meets all parameters, and finalize a purchase agreement, three days are sufficient. You can arrive on weekends, for example – Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or at any other convenient time. We work for you 7 days a week. Typically, on the first day, we show you the best offers according to your request, following an individually tailored program. On the second day, we finalize the selection, and on the third day, we sign the contract. We are confident that in our database, you will find as many options as you need to make your best choice.

Learn more about investment tour: here.
Let me know what specific information you need or if you have any questions, and I’ll be happy to assist you with arranging the tour.

Source: Veles Enterprises
Article prepared by: Kateryna Veles

Direct your questions  to Veles experts. We do not only help with relaxation or property selection but also with solving your problems as foreign in North Cyprus. Feel free to ask any question about residence permit, company formation, property buying or selling, rentals, notary and legal services, document translations & visa applications to Veles Expert.

Stay updated on events in Northern Cyprus through our Instagram channel. Watch all our videos on the VELES YouTube channel in ENG and RU.


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