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Accommodation in Northern Cyprus: Sale and Rental of Apartments in Kyrenia

kyrenia north cyprus property for sale

Investing or renting property in Northern Cyprus is a unique opportunity to own a cozy spot in the Mediterranean. If you’re drawn to a warm climate, acquiring property here is an excellent decision. Svetlana, a travel blogger who has visited over 40 countries, shares her insights into the fantastic options for rental villas and property purchase on this remarkable territory. She is a client of the real estate investment agency, VELES PROPERTY, in Cyprus and Kyrenia, and her story serves as a guide to housing opportunities.

Diversity of offers in Kyrenia: Villas for rent

Svetlana, can you tell us how you ended up here?

Hello! A couple of years ago, I was looking for a peaceful and sunny place to spend the winters.

Northern Cyprus became a true discovery for me. After getting to know Kyrenia, I realized it’s a haven of luxury and comfort, offering privacy and breathtaking views. It boasts developed infrastructure, and the sea is just a stone’s throw away.

Villas for rent in Kyrenia offer a vast selection of diverse properties. They cater to any need with technological solutions, modern interiors, and private pools. Thanks to their location, I fulfilled my dream of having a sea view from my window.

Investing in comfort: Buying an apartment in Kyrenia

Was this what prompted you to settle here?

Yes, after renting an apartment for several months, I realized I wanted a permanent place to live here. The market offers a huge spectrum, especially regarding apartments for sale in Kyrenia. Everyone can find something to suit their taste and budget, from cozy studios to spacious apartments with views of the mountains or the sea.

In Northern Cyprus, there are numerous projects offering installment plans. By purchasing primary real estate during the construction phase, you can pay a 35% down payment and get an interest-free installment for 12 months or more (sometimes up to 60 months). I learned this from Veles Property, where recently they had offers for an 80-month installment plan for apartments in Northern Cyprus!

I settled for an already finished apartment. Secondary real estate in Northern Cyprus is often sold with furniture, unlike sales in CIS and European countries. This means it’s ready for immediate occupancy.

Renting out: Investments in the future

Considering your line of work involves extensive traveling, does your apartment sit vacant?

No! And that’s another plus: acquiring property in Northern Cyprus is not just a step towards your own sunny corner but a profitable investment. Owning any property here grants you the right to obtain Northern Cyprus residency! This allows me to rent out my property when I’m away. Of course, I keep fewer personal items during occupancy, making it easier for me to free it up. And there’s always demand because it truly is a paradise.

Svetlana’s Final Impressions of Northern Cyprus

The unique location makes Northern Cyprus attractive for leisure, while the variety of offerings, comfortable conditions, and growth potential have become key factors prompting more people to choose this place for investments. Don’t miss the chance; find your spot under the Kyrenian sun.

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