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Things to do during quarantine in Northern Cyprus.

Things to do during quarantine in Northern Cyprus.

Things to do during quarantine in Northern Cyprus.
3-week quarantine is not an easy test for us all. The apartment has been cleaned, the cabinets have been moved, all floors and shelves have been washed, the series have been watched and the long-awaited books have been read.
What else to do !? Everyone is asked these questions. Why not spend the remaining time to learn something new or just pump your knowledge.

Here’s what we found in the near future:

1. “Open education”

A modern educational platform that offers online courses in basic disciplines studied at Russian universities. The platform was created by the Association “National Platform for Open Education”, established by leading universities – Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, St. Petersburg State University, National University of Economics “MISiS”, NRU HSE, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, UrFU and ITMO University.
All courses posted on the Platform are available free of charge and without formal requirements for a basic level of education.

2. Turkish language course for beginners.

Since you and I live in Northern Cyprus, where the official language is Turkish, we offer you a 10-week Turkish language course for beginners. It has already begun, but you can join it.

3. Sales marathon

On March 30, a gift marathon on sales issues from Vera Likhacheva starts.
Vera Likhacheva – Business Sales and Service Trainer. Practicing trainer, salesman with 20 years of experience. For more than 10 years she worked as director of sales and personnel. Conducts trainings and advises companies in Russia, Ukraine, China, Israel.
Faith teaches to sell with pleasure and result ????

4. Photography course for beginners

Anyone who is interested in photography offers you an online course for beginners by Anna Kubasheva, which starts on April 1.

5. Charging for children with a black cat.

Oh, these restless children locked in the walls of apartments! Entertain your children with an easy 8 minute exercise.

6. Interior design courses.

If you dreamed of doing design, then you have the opportunity to bring it to life.

7. “Understanding fashion: from business to culture.”

Starting March 30, anyone can join the free online course Institut Français de la Mode. The French Fashion Academy will launch a four-week educational program, Understanding Fashion: From Business to Culture.

8. Sports training with Nadezhda Zueva

Every day at 13.00 Nadezhda Zueva conducts sports training on Instagram. (Nadia can adjust the day and time, so stay tuned for her page). The training lasts about 40 minutes. Warm up, the work of the whole body. Training is in Turkish, but you can understand by looking and repeating. At the same time, learn the words of Turkish. Do not be lazy, get connected!

9. Educational platform in English

Various courses on business, IT technologies, history, literature, art, medicine, etc. are available. The courses are interesting for both adults and children.

10. Radio Arzamas Academy

Free access until 04.15.2020 to various courses on history, art, literature, anthropology. An interesting and informative resource.

11. TV lecture hall

How to organize training in quarantine? The lecture hall has more than 5,000 video lectures and 100 online courses that can be used for self-study or for organizing distance learning at school and university. Access to materials is designed so that you can integrate them into your processes quickly and without unnecessary requests and permissions.

If you have any information about what to do during quarantine in Northern Cyprus. About free online courses, marathons or training sites, post information under a post or send us a personal message and we will place your offer in a separate article.

Prepared by: Diana Alptekin

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