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Northern Cyprus: strict curfew from 21.00 to 06:00 from 03/31/2020

Northern Cyprus: strict curfew from 21.00 to 06:00 from 03/31/2020

Northern Cyprus: strict curfew from 21.00 to 06:00 from 03/31/2020. New decisions of the Council of Ministers in a brief statement by Kudret Ozersay:

About supermarkets.

We suggested that municipalities close supermarkets and markets that do not comply with hygiene and distance rules. We recommend that they be more stringent in this regard. From tomorrow, supermarkets will close at 20.00.

Northern Cyprus: strict curfew.

Starting tomorrow (from March 31, 2020). A strict curfew comes into effect from 21.00 to 06.00 in the morning. Because our citizens do not take warnings into account.

About hygiene and protection.

We decided to collect a stock of all hygiene items, masks and gloves in one center.

Based on different scenarios, we will determine what our capabilities are based on.

About quarantine centers.

Since March 10, we have created quarantine centers. In the places where we started the quarantine. There are a total of 897 people, in 9 different centers.

In addition, new quarantine centers were prepared for TRNC citizens arriving from abroad, and their readiness, especially student hostels, was assessed. In the coming days, deficiencies in student dormitories should be eliminated, which will accept our citizens who have arrived on charter flights from Istanbul and Ankara.

The necessary measures are taken by the department for emergency situations and disasters.

About distribution of help packages.

Checks were also carried out regarding the distribution of assistance packages. Relevant institutions will come together to ensure coordination for the equitable distribution of assistance from a single center.

Coordination will be ensured for a more centralized and equitable distribution of assistance.

About testing for coronavirus.

Our ministry of health is testing for the virus and continues to work.

At the moment, we have 19 coronavirus victims among Turkish Cypriots, and especially in the UK. My condolences to the Turkish Cypriots.

As a result of the continuous work of the Ministry of Health in our country, 69 cases of infection were detected. Our approach is not to do as many tests as possible. But to test those who come into contact with infected people.

We also tested immigration police officers who were in the service on the days when people came to the country who tested positive for the virus.

About patients with coronavirus.

It is necessary to break and divide 69 people into 32 German tourists and 37 of our citizens. Unfortunately, we lost 1 German citizen.

3 people, 1 of whom are German tourists, are in intensive care. One of our 40-year-old citizens is in serious condition due to late visits to the hospital.

One of our citizens, 53 years old, is in intensive care, due to the fact that he has diseases such as diabetes.

5 of our citizens continue treatment at home quarantine. 20 of our citizens continue treatment in the hospital. 12 of our citizens continue treatment in a quarantine hotel.

I want to draw attention to this, not the numbers. The Ministry of Health has a team of 8 people who track contacts. This team does not check everyone in a row or by accident. They check those people who were in contact with the sick. Or check special categories of people.

The negative results of tests conducted some time ago should not mislead anyone. In the next test, the test may be positive.

I also want to clarify that the last two positive cases currently in intensive care. Are close relatives and were in close contact. Our patients are treated professionally and in separate rooms.

On exit from quarantine centers.

In addition, I want to clarify, especially with regard to our citizens arriving from abroad and being in quarantine. Each of them will have to leave the hotels on different dates. Before going out they will be tested.

Going home from quarantine centers, they must follow certain rules and will not be able to leave their homes for another week.

About renting a hospital.

In the press there were reports that the Government concluded a lease agreement with a private hospital for a very large amount. Such an agreement was not concluded. The Council of Ministers does not have such an agreement. There may be a purchase of certain services, but so far there are no agreed figures. The data circulating in the press is incorrect.

On charter flights.

Charter flights will be operated from TKRS to Turkey, and from Turkey to TRNC. April 1 will be charter flights to Istanbul and April 4 to Ankara. People who come to the country will be quarantined.

314 people were sent to Northern Iraq on two flights. As of March 10, 47 thousand people left the country. 15 thousand 438 people entered the country.

About security measures.

Municipalities should monitor hygiene and distance in markets.

The state takes various measures, but in order to ultimately succeed, we need a conscious attitude of society. You must stay home and isolate yourself.

I believe that we will succeed in the coming period. Even in the most advanced countries of the world, we all see how quickly the virus spreads to thousands of people.

If we are careful as an island country, if everyone treats responsibly, then we will not suffer, and we will not lose the living.

For example, today we observed that queues are being formed in front of banks due to payments. No one should come and wait for someone to put things in order. Everyone must take precautionary measures. When queuing, follow the distance rule.

Source: Gundem Kibris (translated by Julia Ozerce)

Coronavirus in Northern Cyprus: See the mode of operation of the Veles Property quarantine offices here.

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