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Northern Cyprus: Partial Home Ban

Northern Cyprus: Partial Home Ban

The Council of Ministers has announced a partial curfew that will come into force as of midnight tonight.

By virtue of the authority granted to it by Article 2 of the Curfew Law (chapter 156) the Council of Ministers of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. With a view to prevent the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). Declares enforcement of a partial curfew period of 14 days. Commencing at midnight on the 23rd of March 2020 with the exceptions mentioned below:

  1. Within the framework of the decision taken by the Council of Ministers on measures regarding the Coronavirus all individuals, with the exception of private sector personnel who are permitted to work towards addressing basic needs as well as public sector personnel who provide crucial services (police, fire department, municipalities, civil defence, district offices ect) will be subjected to the partial curfew.
  2. All individuals who do not fall under the category of. Exempt persons mentioned in paragraph 1. May only leave their residences to seek goods and services provided by those private and public personnel. Who are permitted to work as stated in paragraph 1. And must return to their residence as soon as their needs have been met. They shall not leave their premises for any other purpose.
  3. In line with the legislation in force. Criminal prosecution will be carried out against those who violate the partial curfew.

Prime Minister Kudret Ozersay also stated that. It is forbidden to “go on visit, go for walk, have picnics, conduct trainings. Those who do not comply with ban will be arrested by police. And taken to police stations.”

Private sector enterprises that will be opened: shops, pharmacies, bakeries, butchers, banks, gas stations, flour mills, water bottling plants, producers of milk and dairy products, filling and delivery of bottled gas, private security services, Internet providers, service providers that ensure the continuation of imports, organizations that ensure the continuation of agricultural and livestock production, private media companies, mobile operators, etc.

Source: Cypriot newspaper

Friends, we support the decision of our Government! For the sake of our health, we will observe a partial curfew. See what happens in Italy and Spain. See what goes Turkey and South Cyprus. Take care of yourself!

Coronavirus in Northern Cyprus: See the mode of operation of the Veles Property quarantine offices here.

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