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Line to call 1102 for coronavirus test

Line to call 1102 for coronavirus test

Communication line 1102 for coronavirus test.

Measures to stop the spread of coronavirus infection in Northern Cyprus.

In an interview with Cypriot Newspaper, People’s Party General Secretary Jale Refik Rogers described measures taken in Northern Cyprus to prevent the spread of coronavirus.


The NP Secretary General stated that the most reliable way to detect Covid-19 is the PCR test recommended by WHO. The test gives a positive result shortly after a person becomes ill as a result of receiving the virus. Clinical data on the course of the disease are also of great importance.

“Clinic for fever and cough” (Ateş ve Öksürük Polikliniği).

Ms. Rogers also stated that “At the State Hospital named after Burkhan Nalbantoglu opened the “Clinic for fever and cough” (Ateş ve Öksürük Polikliniği). It will monitor clinical data and take a coronavirus test. Real-time PCR testing is also our most powerful virus detection tool. Now we have enough kits for testing. There are enough stocks of PCR kits in stock.

Since we have local cases of coronavirus infection, testing will be done for those who have symptoms. And also to those who go to the hospital or call on line 1102.

Rapid tests are used for screening at risk. They measure the percentage of antibodies in our body. This is a good method to determine if you have this disease. This is a test that can be done in a short time. Especially when you consider that people in quarantine can tolerate this disease without symptoms. It is also important that you can test health workers and people at risk.

It is currently important that you can quickly examine people with symptoms across the country. In this regard, it is urgent to create centers throughout the country for testing. It is very important to prevent the spread of the disease, identify those who quickly carry the virus, and treat them in isolation. ”

Jale Refig Rogers also added: “People visiting the clinic should wear a mask, follow the 2-meter distance rule, not crowd around at the entrance, and if possible, wait their turn outside.”

“Let’s protect ourselves and others, and especially health workers. Ambulance line 1102 continues to operate. Use it if you suspect a Covid-19 coronavirus infection. ”

Source: Cypriot Newspaper (translated by Julia Ozerce)

Friends, we support the decision of our Government! For the sake of our health, we will observe a partial curfew. See what happens in Italy and Spain. See what goes Turkey and South Cyprus. Take care of yourself!

Coronavirus in Northern Cyprus: See the mode of operation of the Veles Property quarantine offices here.

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