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Coronavirus situation in Northern Cyprus: reflections

The situation with coronavirus in Northern Cyprus: reflections.

Let’s take small calculation of how many people potentially infected with coronavirus are in mandatory quarantine. How many of them are isolated and kept on 14-day detention by state. Having collected scattered news, such picture was drawn.

785 – tourists from Germany, including 10 guides and 25 staff, are in Salamis Hotel

102 – Turkish Students at Malpas Hotel

100 – students from England at Palm Beach Hotel

256 – Students from England at the Riverside Hotel

Total: 1243 people (maybe there are more, but these are the data that could be calculated from publications)

20/03/20 33 people ill, of which 30 are German tourists and 3 local residents

21/03/20 1 local resident and 1 tourist fell ill, 3 tourists from Germany recovered

Total sick: 35, of which 31 are tourists and 4 local residents. Recover: 3 tourists.

And one could say “everything is calm in Baghdad,”. But we are sitting on time bomb loaded by bored students and parents who no less miss them.

This morning it was reported that 2 quarantined students at Riverside Hotel had escaped at night. This was followed by refutation of hotel. As administration assured, all students were in place and their availability was checked by phone calls to rooms. Today they did not run away, but what will happen after 5, 6, 7 days of quarantine?

The young generation of well-read social media and having excellent health do not think about the possible consequences for their families and friends. Riverside Hotel was the most unsuccessful quarantine choice. It has large territory and many hotel buildings scattered throughout it. Is open from all sides for access to village, road passes through it. It’s difficult to control so many “aching” children who want to get home.

Actually, now we will face an increasing spread of infection.

It’s easy to control tourists. They have no relatives, they are not attracted by home-cooked food and everyday life. The further course of situation depends on consciousness of new arrivals on island.

As soon as we get sick locals, you can immediately predict growth of illness. Since there is tradition among local population to shake hands and kiss on cheeks at every meeting. And every kissed person is potential messenger.

How ready are we?

In Northern Cyprus, population is certainly less than in Italy. But percentage of elderly people is very high. Our hospitals are not adapted to large number of seriously ill patients. The state hospital has total of 16 ventilators. Only 11 doctors agreed to fight against coronavirus. Now there are 32 people in hospitals. If quantity begins to grow rapidly, then those who arrive later simply will not get any help.

The good news is that on March 24th after 00:00 group of tourists from Germany whose 14-day quarantine period has ended will be sent back to their country.

On my own I will add do not neglect methods of personal hygiene and protection against virus. When visiting store or pharmacy, strictly comply with requirements for protection against infection. Observe quarantine, do not go to public places. When communicating with neighbors and friends, observe safety precautions.

I don’t want to catch fear. But, due to frivolous attitude to situation. Having prospect in near future to bury your family and friends. Is also not an option.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

With health wishes, your Julia Ozerce

Coronavirus in Northern Cyprus: See the mode of operation of the Veles Property quarantine offices here.

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