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Coronavirus patient is recovering

Coronavirus patient is recovering

Coronavirus patient is recovering. There is good news in Northern Cyprus.

The head of the infectious diseases clinic, Hussein Zafer Erdogmush, made a statement in his personal account on social networks.

He provided information on the condition of patients with coronavirus in the State Hospital. Dr. Burhan Nalbantoglu in Nicosia.

Erdogmush said:

“Heroes are hidden behind the scenes who actually perform the most important tasks.

Our main characters are responsible nurses who work in the quarantine department with smiling faces and inspire hope, fulfill their duties with devotion and courage, change their life priorities from day one and put the profession above all else.

Endless thanks to them, we could not do without them.

Today we have good news from the quarantine department. We disconnected the young patient connected to it from the ventilator. We continue to monitor him in the intensive care unit. And this is very pleasing to us.

At the moment we have 2 more patients connected to mechanical ventilation. And we are doing everything possible to make them feel better. 9 patients are in the quarantine department and 14 in the infection department. And in general they are all in good condition.

Today, tests were made for those who contacted infected people, but there are no results yet. Yesterday for the whole day there was only one positive case. And I would like to note this! There is hope.

We are working to ensure that the ray of light that appears in the clouds is bright for our country.

What should you do? Please continue to enjoy your home. Home is your castle. ”

Clarification from Veles: after Erdogmush’s statement, test results were published. Another 1 infected was identified.

Source: Cypriot Newspaper (translated by Julia Ozerce)

Coronavirus in Northern Cyprus: See the mode of operation of the Veles Property quarantine offices here.

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