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Coronavirus on Northern Cyprus: treatment by Dr. Erol Uchaner

Coronavirus on Northern Cyprus: treatment by Dr. Erol Uchaner

Coronavirus on Northern Cyprus: treatment by Dr. Erol Uchaner.

Following recent coronavirus infections, Dr. Erol Uchaner made a statement.

Mr. Uchaner shared the following information in a statement:

Covid-19 !!! Started today !!!

The best scenario of events is not 6 cases in 9 days. Definitely – it’s not slow !!!

A bad scenario is 4 cases in 2 days !!! This is really a bad speaker!

If we take into account the geographical density and distribution of our population, making an estimate based on yesterday, then the presence of 4 cases in 2 days really makes you think, and it scares !!!

Many say: we are few, uh how many people are infected, and such nonsense !!!

Well, saying so, do you know what the area of ​​the TRNC is? Does anyone really think how easy it is to spread the infection everywhere? He coughed in Nicosia, and already from Kyrenia they wished you to recover !!! We are such a small country !!!

Area of ​​Italy 301.000 km2

The area of ​​the TRNC is 3.335 km2!

Today in Italy 60,000 people are infected !!! And only today they have reached the peak of mortality. The first day in Italy was February 21, and today is March 23 !!! Of these 32 days, only 651 people died !!! (and yesterday it was almost 800 !!!)

5,000 positive results? Maybe even more, and it’s only one day today !!

And the area of ​​Italy is 100 times larger than ours. Of course, the population is 60 million people, which is 110 times more than ours !!! So according to statistics, everything is proportional !!!

If we do not take action, then:

In a month, when we reach the peak, we will have 6 deaths per day in the TRNC, and 50-60 cases per day will be infected !!!

These are examples and real numbers!

I take Italy as an example so that we do not experience what they experienced !!!

Why did this happen to Italy ??

Because they didn’t care !!!

And Because they didn’t take it in my head !!!

Because they were not serious !!!

When they realized what had happened, they left elderly patients to die. They said they would only care about the young! They could not stop the pandemic !!!

And unfortunately now in TRNC I still see many people who do not care !!!

And after the events, will you still flaunt?

Will you violate the restrictions on the streets?

Will you continue the trip ???

If we combine our infrastructure with a peak and geography, with 100 dead and 1000 sick, do you think it will be enough ???

The government should definitely strengthen health-related measures along with tougher preventative measures. Do not wait for tomorrow. Already now prepare to provide intensive medical care and immediately create normal isolators for patients with coronavirus. Because the peak can occur at any time. And it will not always be 3-5 people, maybe 50 people a day. And 5-6 of them will need intensive care !!! Therefore, preparation is necessary !!!

A PEOPLE !!! WE!!!

Our biggest responsibility:

Minimize what can happen and support measures of the Government and the Ministry of Health !!! How?

Without coercion






Source: Haberci (translated by Julia Ozerge)

Coronavirus on Northern Cyprus: See the mode of operation of the Veles Property quarantine offices here.

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