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Coronavirus: Mete Ozmerter delivers medicine in a private jet to North Cyprus

Coronavirus: Mete Ozmerter delivers medicine in a private jet to North Cyprus

Mete Ozmerter, owner of Iktisatbank, delivered medicine necessary for determining coronavirus to North Cyprus on his plane.

Coronavirus in North Cyprus. Today, Turkey decided to close the borders for air travel with countries infected with coronavirus. The list of which included Northern Cyprus. There were difficulties with delivery of medicines necessary to determine infection with coronavirus. Businessman Mete Ozmerter, showed civic consciousness. He flew to Ankara on his personal plane Pilatus PC 12 and brought important drugs to country. Among them are components of coronovirus test, as well as some medications and remedies.

Mete Ozmerter, said he was ready for 14-day home quarantine after flight. And if necessary, he is ready to fly to Turkey again on his plane. Mete Ozmerter, assured that he will not violate conditions of karatntin and will remain at home.

Government of Northern Cyprus expressed its deep gratitude to entrepreneur, citizen and man from capital letter. Who did not leave country in difficult time for her. Today, many entrepreneurs are already expressing their willingness to help country in this difficult time.

Together – we are strong!

PS: We also thank Mr. Ozmerter for his action.

Dear friends, we ask you not to violate quarantine. Take measures taken in our country seriously. If you love your loved ones, if you love Northern Cyprus, be mindful!

Coronavirus in North Cyprus: See the mode of operation of the Veles Property quarantine offices here.

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